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          Privacy Policy

          DENKEI TRADING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. and DENKEI SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD. (hereinafter called “DENKEI”) respects your privacy and rights relating to your personal information.
          You don't have to provide any personal information when you visit DENKEI global corporate website. However, you may want to contact us online – to ask a question, to learn more about our products, or to ask for specific information about DENKEI or its service. If you choose to contact DENKEI online, you will find our online forms ask for common types of personal information, such as your name, telephone, or company name. We ask for this type of information to help us to respond to your inquiry or request.
          At DENKEI, we use the following guidelines to protect your information we collect during your visit to our website (www.34mt.com).

          1. Obtaining Your Personal Information
            When we ask you to provide us with your personal information, we advise you of the purpose of using such information and obtain your prior consent.
          2. Using Your Personal Information
            DENKEI does not use your personal information for any other purposes that you approved previously. DENKEI may use such information to communicate with you about product information, technical support, event information and recruiting.
          3. Sharing or Disclosing Your Personal Information with/to Third Parties
            DENKEI does not share or disclose your personal information with or to any Third Parties except:
            ? when you have given us prior consent,
            ? when the disclosure is requested by a judicial or governmental agency.
            When DENKEI transfers your personal information to its agents, affiliates or partners, DENKEI enters an agreement on Personal Information Protection between its agents, affiliates or partners and requires that such agent, affiliate or partner handle your Personal information with the same concern for personal privacy as DENKEI.
          4. Protecting Your Personal Information
            DENKEI takes necessary and appropriate steps to protect your personal information from loss, destruction, leakage, damage and illegal access. DENKEI stores your personal information on password-protected, access-controlled servers to which no authorized personnel are allowed to access.
          5. About the Use of Cookies and Access Logs
            A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your computer. DENKEI uses cookies to recognize repeat visits to the site, to facilitate the site's navigation and to improve your experience at DENKEI website.
            We also use access logs that automatically collect information such as your IP address, the locale, language, country, the browser you are using, the web page from which you came, and a record of your activity on the site. We use those information to learn general trends in traffic pattern so that we can further improve our website.
          6. Contacting DENKEI about Your Personal Information
            You can opt out at any time to the use of your personal information for direct communication purpose via e-mail, fax, phone or mail.
            You may contact us at denkei-sc@c-denkei.cn asking for review of data we obtained, correction or update thereof, deletion of your personal information or cancellation of your previously given consent to us. Upon such request, DENKEI takes an appropriate action accordingly.

          Privacy Policy

          DENKEI reserves the right to update this policy based on changes of social requirement and amendments of laws and regulations. DENKEI discloses its Privacy Policy at the corporate website so that you can review it at any time you want to.

          Effective Date:22 JAN 2018(1st Amendment Date: 1 JAN 2021)